Assalomu alaykum va xush kelibsiz! Hello and welcome!

My name is Brian Greco and I’m a high school student from Pennsylvania. One of my favorite passions in life is language. I absolutely love to explore new ways to think, speak, and write, especially in languages that are less commonly studied. An area of the world that has always particularly piqued my interest is Central Asia for its curious mix of many different cultures and linguistic patterns. The Uzbek language of Uzbekistan really caught my eye for its ease of learning and interesting grammar, and so I decided through my research that it was top on my list to learn one day.

In early 2012 I discovered a unique language opportunity for Uzbek through Arizona State University’s Critical Language Institute in Tempe, AZ. I was excited to have found an excellent way to take up this language and enjoy a great time with an independent project for the summer. I attended the 7-week intensive Elementary Uzbek course and had such a cool learning experience and got to meet so many awesome people. The program was something I will always remember and I am so grateful to have been able to pursue my interest and participate in the institute. I could have never imagined an opportunity like that here in America for a language like Uzbek!

While in Arizona I chronicled my journey at my blog Uzbek Brian to help document what I learned and share with friends and family. So far the blog has continued to grow in readership and I have received several lovely emails and great feedback in general from the site. However, due to the nature of the website as more of a personal blog than a learning resource, I thought it might be a helpful project to compile resources for anyone out there interesting in learning Uzbek online at their own ease. It’s with this that I bring you my new website Teach Yourself Uzbek.

Here at Teach Yourself Uzbek you will find:

Linguistics and geography are two areas of learning I really love and I plan to continue studying Uzbek as well as Chinese, Haitian Creole, and many other Creole and Central, East, and Southeast Asian languages. After high school I am looking to attend college in Washington, DC and study political science and depth psychology. Overall I hope to develop a career which ties together various interests to create media (books, articles, videos, etc) that help others improve their lives through better health, wealth, happiness and understanding of the world around them. I hope that this website can prove a productive place for your own language discovery or at least share some food for thought into the wonderful world of Uzbek!

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to email me here any time.

Sizga omad tilayman! Wishing you success!
Brian Greco

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