DLI Uzbek Online Language Survival Kit (Includes Audio)
A great list of starting phrases and key vocabulary including military terms for getting the feel of Uzbek language and its sounds

Global Online Language Support System (GLOSS) Modules
Select Uzbek and your desired level and hit “search” for dozens of audio and video learning modules with exercises

Indiana University CeLCAR Uzbek Conversational Dialogues
Great introductory dialogues with some fun disco music in the background to get you familiar with Uzbek conversation

Indiana University CeLCAR Intermediate Reading and Listening Project
Great intermediate readings for increasing competency in understanding (Login: TYUzbek / Password: password)

Indiana University CeLCAR Uzbek Video and Audio Modules
More Uzbek practice with video and exercises (Login: TYUzbek / Password: password)

DLI Uzbek Headstart Multimedia Modules
Great stuff from DLI! (Feel free to use Login: uzbekbrian[at]gmail[dot]com / Password: password)